My concern is the early prevention of phimosis. The late correction of adult phimosis was never my interest. My belief is that once the medical profession realise the need, they will develop hundreds of new methods of treatment which I cant even imagine ... Therefore treatment is purely an appendix on this site, however, because I have no specific bias, my research allowed a rare objective survey of the many posibilities.

This site offers detailed information on individual problem related treatment, often advising simple, cheap, minimal and specific surgery and time honoured solutions taken from traditional methods including partial circumcision, dorsal slit and frenular incision and tying. - (Links are given where appropriate to sites dealing with the modern solutions of preputial plasty and full-circumcision).

Full circumcision (particularly for infants) is a ridiculous treatment or prevention for any form of phimosis.
Those who follow Abraham are asked to please consider using his methods of partial circumcision.


For some men full circumcision is an attractive choice of treatment. For information on the full circumcision please visit Vernon Quaintance's pages. The original routine Jewish practice involved only a partial circumcision and this is all that is required to cure phimosis in its typical form of a phimotic ring.

Parkash, (1980) suggests a very appropriate simple new operation involving exact surgery on the phimotic ring: "An attempt is made to withdraw the thin outer skin of the prepuce to reveal the narrow lesion. The lesion is excised quite simply with a pair of fine tipped scissors."

Edited from NG: Date: 1996/11/23
Re: Question regarding circumcision?
From: jfm

> Could someone tell me how much skin is removed during this procedure?
> What is considered normal? How much is too much? (or too little?)

Contrary to what many believe (or are led to believe), circumcision does not
NECESSARILY remove all of the inner foreskin, nor the frenulum, and does not
NECESSARILY remove so much skin that the head remains always fully exposed.

Just like hair cuts, circumcision can be tailored to what is wanted (except perhaps when done on infant when the techniques used are more crude and predicting long term results on the grown adult next to impossible).

Just as you can go to a barber to request "a hair cut", you can also go to a
hair stylist to request a particular type of hair style. In one case, you let the
barber decide what and how to do it, in the other, you are consulted into what you really want to be like. Of course, the skin system on the penis doesn't
"grow" like hair, so the operation is more or less permanent :-) ;-)

So, how one defines a "normal" circumcision varies from culture to culture
and from individual to individual. Do you just want to have your long foreskin
shortened, or do you want to have an exposed head all the time ? Do you want to have some loose skin left during erection for masturbation, or do you prefer to have the tight skin to feel your erection and make the shaft skin more sensitive?

Is there a normal hair cut ? No, it depends on your taste. Is there a normal
circumcision ? No, it depends on your taste. Unfortunately, too many are not aware of their options and think that the only option is the removal of enough skin that none covers head when soft and that it results in it being tight when hard.


Thanks to the constructive cooperation of Vernon Quaintance, an excellent file which objectively and clearly describes The Principle Methods of Circumcision is now publicly available. I believe such basic information has never previously been publicly available and it is valuable reading material for anyone considering the operation.

Dr. G. Weiss offers invaluable advice on the after care involved in infant circumcisions; In "Neonatal Circumcision" the section under "Technique and Procedures" is well worth reading even for adults considering an operation.

For information on full circumcision please visit Vernon's pages and contact him personally, he may have information on specialists and costs in your area/country. (Or he may be able to post any questions anonymously in CIRCLIST).

See also: Post Circumcision Problems